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Want Resources?

Recently, a few parents have asked about resources they can use to review concepts at home with their children. In Information and Resources Page has our posts from last year including some of the great songs and videos that we used during our FLES time. If you are interested in resources for a particular concept, please contact your child’s teacher.


Autumn Andrade-de León (Heights):

Emily Van Vaerenewyck (East):

Pamela Billings (Cottage):



Just as an FYI, the crew from ‘Wise Friends’ will be filming in our schools in select classes on December 7th, 2016. We look forward to sharing the fun and energy of FLES with the larger Sharon community!

Mad Scientist visits the First Grade!!!

IMG_4160 IMG_4158

Last Friday was a capstone day for colors.  Since October is such a colorful month, we did many activities and games that helped students learn their colors.  Señora V. was “absent” and her “twin” sister, Señora W. (a mad scientist) performed a color mixing experiment with the help of some very excited students.  Señora W. actually brushed her teeth with the potion and even tasted it at the end (it was Gatorade, but the kids didn’t know)!!!!!!!   😜



We have had lots of fun learning colors in October and getting a numbers review, too, with the help of this fun video. Watch it with your child at home and ask them to teach you the dance moves that go with it!

Where are you from?

The children loved watching this video called “¿De dónde eres tú? (Where are you from?)!  Watch it at home with your children and practice your pronunciation together! Have fun and ¡hasta pronto!

¿De dónde eres tú?

Did you know your child is learning Spanish this year?

Did you know that your child is learning Spanish at school? The FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools) Program began this year. FLES is an immersion program that springboards foreign language proficiency by grade 12.

I.  FLES Programs Expectations

  • All 1st graders receive 20 minutes of FLES instruction (Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays).
  • The curriculum was developed based on the Massachusetts Department of Education framework for foreign languages, the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and the curriculum already being taught in first grade.
  • Students focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing and presentation skills.
  • Regular classroom teachers are participating in the Spanish instruction—they are actively engaged in the language acquisition as well.
  • FLES curriculum includes art, science, math, language arts and spelling, ALL IN SPANISH.

II.  FLES Program Classroom Activities

Since we began, your child has learned how to:

  • Greet a friend in Spanish: Ask your child how to greet a friend or to sing you the “Buenos días song”
  • Tell someone their name: Me llamo …
  • Follow simple commands and rules: Ask your child about playing “Simón dice.”
  • They can tell you what sounds the letter “H” and the letter “LL” make in Spanish: Ask your child to do the cheer for each letter.

For the rest of the unit we will practice writing and presenting what we have learned as well as learn how to tell a friend where we are from using “Soy de” (as in Soy de Sharon, Soy de Boston).

III. Contact Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Emily Van Vaerenewyck, FLES teacher at Cottage and East elementary schools:
  • Autumn Andrade-de León, FLES Facilitator and teacher at Heights Elementary school: or

What’s coming up in Unit 2?

In Unit 1, we had so much fun singing with finger puppets, counting to 10, learning the ‘buenos días‘ song and so much more!

In unit 2, we will be focussing on continuing to introduce some of the tricker phonics (our letters of the month are ñ [Ehnyeh] and y [Ee-greeyaga] and we will also amplify our vocabulary and conversation skills with a whole host of new concepts including learning the abecedario (ABC song) in Spanish, counting up to 31, introducing and practicing the names of the months and seasons, days of the week and talking about birth dates and colors.